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To conform with the latest Auditing Codes of Practice, our NEW range of Teststicks are now available in REDYELLOW and BLUE using the same unique FDA approved SHATTER & CHIP-RESISTANT housing material as our existing range of Teststicks!

FREE Certificate of Conformity with every order !



In these days of increasing litigation & Health and Safety Compliance, these tough safety Metal Detector Teststicks are designed to supersede all existing Brittle Acrylic Teststicks to help minimise the risk of shattering your reputation!

We have now established a substantial customer base of food manufacturers who are making great cost savings by purchasing our Metal Detector Teststicks and Testcards to aid the EFSIS, BRC, HACCP and similar auditing processes in their factories.

For substantial cost savings enter you company details and list the Teststicks and Testcards you require on the contact form or call us for further details.

All Teststicks and Testcards are issued with a FREE CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY, which relates to the appropriate batch number for Metal Sphere material traceability.

test ball 20mm ferrous


The icTeststick 20mm Ferrous Test Ball is designed to comply with the magnetic phase interference test.


This large metal test should be carried out once per shift to ensure that after a large piece of metal has passed through a metal detector, it can 'recover' and continue to operate correctly.

It is now a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Requirement specified by most leading supermarket retailers for their food products suppliers.

It is designed to be used on 'Conveyor' or 'Drop-Through' metal detector systems.