Metal Detector Test Sticks and Test Pieces

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We manufacture hard wearing test pieces for metal detector calibration to conform with the latest auditing codes of practice legislation and industry guidance. HACCP program compliance with food safety standards such as GFSI, BRC and IFE.

Our New Range of translucent teststicks are now available in REDYELLOW and BLUE using our original unique FDA approved Shatter & Chip Resistant Polymer material available in our existing range of teststicks. We also supply Test Pucks for Pharmaceutical industry audits.

Metal Detector Test Pieces, Test Sticks, Test Pucks, Test Balls

Direct from the UK Manufacturer

The ICTeststick 20.0 mm Ferrous (Chrome) Test Ball

Our Test Ball is designed to comply with the magnetic phase interference (System Shock) test. It is designed to be used on Tunnel Metal Detectors for Conveyors,  also Drop Through systems, Vertical Metal Detectors,  Gravity Fall Detectors and Pipeline Metal Detectors systems.

This large metal test should be carried out at least once per shift to ensure that after a large piece of metal has passed through a metal detector, it can 'recover' and continue to operate correctly.

This is now a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Requirement specified by most leading supermarket retailers as a test procedure for all of their food product suppliers, to ensure the detection of small metal part contaminants

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